Week 8 – Packers Game Preview

Los Angeles Rams fans !!! Are you ready for your week 8 preview of our up and coming game? All righty then.

This week’s matchup see’s us at home against the Packers who currently sit second in their division with a 3 2 1 record. Green Bay has currently won their last three games and will be looking to make it four in a row this week. In recent weeks Green bay’s Offence has been hit hard with injuries with a number of there wide receivers missing multiple games. Aaron Rodgers has also been battling a knee injury picked up in week two against the Bears. This injury has been ongoing for Rodgers who has been a week to week decision for the coaching staff. When fit though, Rodgers is arguably the best Quarterback in the game, and even when a little banged up he’s better than most. Look for him to hit Randle Cobb and Davante Adams (WR’s) early and often…Now on to the game.

Players to look out for

Aaron Rodgers QB
What can I say, best QB in the league? Guy has a cannon for an arm and great all-around accuracy to go with it. The Guys a leader who just sometimes can pull off the unbelievable.

Davante Adams and Randle Cobb WR
Great wide receiver tandem. Cobb is the veteran of the two and the speed guy. Adams is more of a good all-rounder.

Jimmy Graham TE
Big target for Rogers and could be the best pass catcher on the team. Graham has bounced around the league and now finds himself in Green Bay after stints with the Seahawks and Saints. Graham is a terrific talent when he’s on his game and a nightmare for defenders as he often just towers over them.

Mike Danials RE
The veteran pass rusher will be looking to get after Goff all game and this could be one of the games great matchups between Danials and our Andrew Whitworth at left tackle.

Clay Matthews LOLB
This guy is kinda the QB of their defence. Expect him to play in multiple positions across the linebacker core as they try to utilise him in blitz packages. This veteran is still one of the best in the business.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS
In only his fourth season this guy has matured into one of the better free safeties in the league. Goff will have to be careful throwing deep on this guy.

My final word on this game.

This is a shootout waiting to happen. Both teams look stronger on the offensive side of the ball and have terrific weapons that can keep them in most games. The Rams have the stronger running game and probably edge it on defence as well. We also know our Rams are outscoring teams in those close games and this could be one of those games. I can see the offences trading blows early on but I can’t see the Packers being able to stay the pace. NEVER rule out Aaron Rodgers though and if this is a closer one than we would like at the end that’s maybe just when he’ll do the incredible!

My Prediction

Rams win 35- 23…hope you enjoyed folks? And that’s my two cents!