Week 6 – Broncos Game Preview

Hi again Los Angeles Rams fans and welcome to your weekly preview of our up and coming game.

This week’s matchup see’s us in Denver against the Broncos. The Broncos currently sit third in the AFC West with a 2-3 record. This week also sees us up against an old friend of ours in former Rams Quarterback Case Keenum. Keenum was picked up in free agency by the Broncos last offseason after a year with the Vikings in which he helped take them to the Championship game. “That’s enough about that game” says Case Keenum) as they got turned over let’s say J. The Broncos gave Keenum a two-year deal worth 30 something million so they’re looking for him to step up and lead this team. Anyway on to this week’s game!…

Players to look out for.

Case Keenum QB
There’s not much I can tell you Rams fan you don’t already know about this guy. Case can play well but can also be inconsistent. You’re never sure what you’re going to get. I prefer to remember the Minnesota miracle and wish our ex QB all the best in Denver.

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas WR. Without a doubt one of the best WR duo in the league. Sanders is the smaller burner type that has great speed and will stretch the park (think Antonio Brown like, ok maybe not that good lol) Also, maybe the surest hands on the team. Thomas is that rare combination of size and speed and with rare athleticism which allows him to be able to do the spectacular. He’s also a good red zone target and run blocker.

Von Millar LOLB
One of the league’s best, if not the best pass rusher in the league. If you didn’t see him win MVP in the Super Bowl in 2016 you should look up the highlights. Millar will go past you and folk will say where did he go and like Goose said in Top Gun “where’d who go !!! “

Bradley Chubb ROLB
Like Millar Chubb made a name for himself in College getting to the quarterback. During the draft this offseason as it unfolded it was thought that Chubb would go to the Browns at pick 4. Instead, the Browns took what’s his name the Cornerback (is it Ward? One of you lot will let me know? That’s this week’s homework. J) Anyway, the point being the Broncos thought they had won a watch to pair this young pass rusher with Millar.

Chris Harris Jr CB
This veteran and old friend of Aqib Talib is still a real stand out corner in this league. Harris has great hands and will get his share of pick’s. Also, he can keep up with most so Goff will need to be careful if he’s going to test him. I’ve mentioned the nickname the Broncos had in 2016 “The no fly zone”! One side of that was this guy!

My final word on this game.

I think the Broncos offence will go how Keenum goes. If he’s hot they have the WR’s to beat most. I’m not so sold on their running game though. They’re currently starting undrafted rookie Phillip Lindsey at HB and only time will tell if he’s the answer. On our side, I’m hoping for an improvement on defence and not having to get into another shoot out! Our passing defence did take a hit losing Talib but Shields has looked decent. BUT Last week I saw shades of our poor run defence from a year ago. Wade has his work cut out but make no mistake he is the man for this job !

Rams to win 30-17…….Rob Out !