Week 16 – Arizona Game Preview

Hey Los Angeles Rams fans and welcome to this week’s game preview.

A slightly shorter game preview this week folks as time is just not of the essence with it being Christmas. I hope you’s don’t mind as I’ll do my best to keep it as informative as always…Rob

This week’s matchup see’s us in Arizona against the Cardinals who currently sit bottom of our division with a 3 – 11 record. It’s easy to say it’s been a down season for the Cards with that record but like I said in my week two game article (I hope you read it Ramily lol), that this is a team in transition and will be rebuilding. The New first-round pick Quarterback Josh Rosen is now in place as the starting guy after the Cards move on from Sam Bradford and they’ll be hoping that Rosen and Star running back David Johnson will be two of the key pieces to build that offence around, going forward. Anyhoo On to this week’s game folks

Players to watch out for this week   

Josh Rosen QB
Rosen has had an up and down rookie season since taking over from Sam Bradford halfway through the season. For the season Rosen currently has more picks than touchdowns with 10 TDs And 14 Ints. What you have to bear in mind though is that the Cards are rebuilding and the offensive line has had its struggles protecting Rosen. My own feelings are that Rosen has all the tools to succeed in the NFL and I think this guy is one for the future.

David Johnson HB
What we have to remember here is this guy returned this season after a bad leg injury which caused him to miss the whole of last season. Johnson has bags of talent but for some of the same reasons I spoke about above he’s not had the stand out season Cards fans were hoping for. Johnson is a similar running back to our own Gurley whereby the whole offence plays its best stuff for the Cards when this guy is a large part of it.

Chandler Jones ROLB
Jones is quietly having a terrific season with 12 sacks from that linebacker possession. Look for a great contest between Jones and our own Andrew Whitworth at LT. Make no mistake this is where the heat is coming from and in a game where we look to bounce back, it will be important to keep Goff upright.

Patrick Peterson CB
One of the best corners in the league folks. Peterson is not an eight-time pro bowler for nothing and is again having another great season. Week after week he has the job of shutting down the other teams best WR. This week it’s our Robert Woods. Should be a great matchup to watch.

My final word on this game

I think it’s easy to look past this Cards team this week because of a few of the factors I’ve spoken about above (and I think I was guilty of looking past the Eagles a little last week because their season hasn’t been great) Yes the Cards are rebuilding but I’m sure Josh Rosen wants to take this team into the offseason in a couple of weeks on a high. I think for the Cards the stumbling block could be, I just don’t see them producing enough on offence to keep up with us and I think this will be our bounce back game. Also, keep an eye out for C.J. Anderson our new Running back. He will start as Gurley will be out for this one. Anyway, folks onto my score prediction for this one, Rams win 28-10… And that’s my two cents Ramily.

I’d like to thank all the folks who take the time to read my Ramblings (see what I did there lol) And wish the Ramily a very Merry Christmas when it comes.