Week 15 – Eagles Game Preview

Hey Los Angeles Rams fans and welcome to this week’s game preview

This week’s matchup sees us at home against the current Super Bowl champs the Eagles. The Eagles who currently sit second in their division with a 6-7 record are having a much tougher season than many predicted, and a loss to us on Sunday night could realistically end any slim chance of going to the playoffs. The turnaround in the Eagles fortunes I think is largely down to some very key injuries right through the team. They didn’t have their starting QB Carson Wentz until week three in the season (although Nick Foles has played great for them) they also lost their starting RB Jay Ajayi early in the season. On top of that the secondary on the defence has been decimated this season with injuries, so really they have been playing patched up for most of the season. Also, the latest news is that Carson Wentz will be out again this game with a back injury, but with two wins in their last three games they continue to remind us there is real talent through the team, Also they are coached very well and we would do well not to look past them… Anyhoo Rams fans on to this week’s game!

Players to watch out for this week   

Nick Foles, QB
Foles showed last year that in the right situation he is a very capable QB, and is more than capable of carrying this Eagles team if called upon. Foles is a different type of QB from Wentz whereby Foles is not really mobile and likes time in the pocket to make his reads. This could be a real factor in this week’s game as I think our pass rush could give Foles fits. But if given time Foles has the arm and the accuracy to turn a game on its head.

Josh Adams, RB
The Eagles rookie running back has stepped up for them the last few weeks and currently leads the team in rushing yards. Adams is a big powerful back who will test the tackling skills of our defender. This is not a guy you want to tackle once he has a head of steam up so again this week our run defence will be tested.

Zach Ertz, TE
Ertz this season from the tight end position is the Eagles’ best weapon on offence. Ertz is just having a fabulous season catching the ball and is there most prolific receiver this season. Look for our defence to double team him on passing downs and expect Coach Wade Philips to move maybe Aqib Talib into the slot to cover him along with one of our safeties,

Flecther Cox, DT
Cox could be the second-best defensive tackle in the game (we all know Aaron Donald is the best huh!)  Cox is just dominant down there at the line of scrimmage whether it’s stuffing the run or getting after the QB and may just be the best player on their defence. If defensive end Michael Bennett plays (and this is up in the air due to injury) then the Eagles pass rush is more than tasty.

Jordan Hicks, LB
Hicks currently leads the Eagles linebacker corp in tackles this season and has only played in ten games. This guy is a real bright point for a defence that has had a hard time recently with opposing teams running games. If the Eagles are to limit Gurley and co then expect this guy to be a big part of that.

My final word on this game.

This is a home game I think we are more than capable of winning and I’d even go as far as to say winning comfortably. As I said above the Eagles are hurting with all the injuries but more than that I think our strengths play right at their weaknesses. They have had a hard time stopping the run and I expect Gurley to have a good day, also their secondary with those injuries just won’t have enough to keep up with our passing game. Also, I think our defensive line could have a big day as the Eagles struggle to cope with Donald and co. Also, just something to look out for here but I just have this feeling that our own Dante Fowler JR could have a big day off the edge in this one getting after Foles (you heard it first here folks)   ;)…So without further ado, it’s that time you’ve all been waiting for the Score prediction.  Rams to win 35-14…….And that’s my two cents Ramily.