Off Season Fan View (3/3)

Now Just a small bit on the guys we traded away.

Players leaving the Los Angeles Rams via trade this offseason were Edge rusher Robert Quinn, who we sent to the Miami Dolphins for a 4th and 6th round pick in the last draft. I thought Quinn had a bit of a return to form last season in Wade Philips 3-4 defence, but this trade was more about freeing up cap space. Quinn was scheduled to make 10.3 million in 2018.

Next up we trade middle linebacker Alec Ogletree, and a 2019 7th round pick to the New York Giants for a 2018 4th and 6th round pick. My feelings on this one are that he may not have been a great fit for the 3-4 defence we’re now running and again, he was a big lean on our cap.

And finally Wide Receiver Tavon Auston, after restructuring his contract i actually thought he would compete for a roster spot, but with the trade for Brandon Cooks, I think that put paid to that and we sent him to the Dallas Cowboys for a 6th round pick.

Anyway folks, I hope you have enjoyed my’ two cents’ on our Rams coaching changes and trades this offseason. Please look out for my next offseason article which I’ll post up next month and will focus on our free agency pickups and loses and our draft picks…. Take care for now Ramily

Hopefully more from Rob in the near future