Off Season Fan View (2/3)

Next up: This off seasons Trades

In this first bit on trades I’d like to focus on the guys coming into the team and my’ two cents’ on what we gave up and what we get!
First trade this off season; we bring in Cornerback Marcus Peters and a sixth round pick from the The Kansas City Chiefs. The Los Angeles Rams send a fourth round pick this year and a second round pick next year to the Chiefs, WOW! is my feeling on this trade for the Rams, and i personally think this could turn out to be the best bit of business that general manager Les Snead does all off season! Yes i know the Chiefs were looking to move on from Peters, and yes he could be a big personality, but this guy could be a top five cornerback in this league, of course two of these things help any team getting someone in a trade, but the numbers Peters has put up in his first four years are exceptional. Not to mention he was NFL rookie of the year his first season. He was also voted to the pro bowl in 2015 and 2016. Peters has also been voted to the player’s top 100 more than once. For me this tells the story of a very talented and young player still on his rookie contract. I personally hope he settles with the Rams and we can resign him long term. (Fingers crossed) At the moment he’s on the fifth year option of his rookie contract. But I’m giving this one a ‘BIG’ thumbs up for the front office.

The next guy we bring in with a trade is another corner back Aqib Talib from the Denver Broncos. The Rams send a 2018 fifth round pick to the Broncos in return. What we get here i think, is a veteran leader in the secondary and a large two year contract to go with it. I think about 9 million a year. At 32 years of age Talib still has some tread on those tires and again, i would hold him in the higher ranks of NFL cornerbacks. Talib is also known for being a big personality (just ask Michael Crabtree) but as we know Wade Philips is known for coaching the best out of such guys, and just while i mentioned Wade Philips, our defensives coach was one of the reasons that Talib picked the Rams. Talib played some of his best football at Denver while Philips was there coaching the defence and also won a super bowl with them. (Some of you might have heard of “The No fly zone” in Denver? Talib was a big part of that along with Chris Harris. Talib has also been voted to the pro bowl five times and that speaks for itself. Anyway my ‘ two cents’ on this trade is that a very good veteran makes good sense to a team that is in ‘win now’ mode. I give another ‘thumbs up’ to the front office.

The last player we brought in via trade this off season was Wide receiver Brandon Cooks, and a 4th round pick from the New England Patriots. The Rams send our 2018 first round pick and a 2018 6th round pick. How i see this trade for us is what we get here is another piece of the McVay offensive jigsaw puzzle. I can see Cooks playing the same kind of role that Desean Jackson played for the Washington Redskins while McVay was there. A guy with speed who can stretch a defence and be a legitimate deep threat, but more than that a good route runner with safe hands. Cooks has managed over a thousand yards receiving in his last two seasons with two different teams the (Saints and Patriots) Cooks is also a young guy on the last year of his rookie contract, so again fingers crossed we can resign him after this season. Also, a little fact about Cooks is that he won the Biletnikoff award coming out of college, which is a high accolade for any young wide receiver. My ‘two cents’ on this trade is that Cooks and Jared Goff could play together for a long time and that’s the plan if the Rams get there way, the gamble here is, can we resign him after this season? This could be a stealer move or it could all back fire? (A second round pick for the services of Sammy Watkins last year for one year was not good front office business).

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