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I have been following the NFL since 2010 and with my stepdad being from St Louis, the Rams were the only team that I could support and then follow to LA. I have been to the international series twice to watch the Rams (1-1 record) and love every minute with the Ramily. I also attended a Saints game due to my brother in law being one of the guys involved in Big Easy Mafia Uk Saints podcast, of which I guest appear on occasionally. I am also a Man Utd season ticket holder, so these two teams take up all of my time, well, as well as my wife and two kids! In November last year (2017), we all come together and have been working on the social outputs you now see. I will continue to run the Instagram page for UK fans.

TONY (Twitter - @HullCityTony)

I started following The Rams in the early 1980s after my Aunt & Uncle visited California and came back with souvenirs from a game they attended (not Rams). I chose the Rams at that point mainly due to #ThoseHorns. My fandom has sometimes been eclipsed by my following of Hull City AFC which started in the early 1990s but I have certainly been a lot more interested in recent years due to the International Series games in London and the opportunity to see live games. I took over the running of the LA Rams UK Facebook page a couple of years ago and am pleased to be working with a group of like-minded fans who are dedicated to spreading the word on our Los Angeles Rams.

AARON (Twitter  - @AaronDemant)

While at University in 2004 I got into American sports, I played lacrosse but got into the Super Bowls in previous years. My Wife’s (girlfriend then) father is from St Louis, with that, the fate of which team I would support was done and dusted. Unfortunately, they turned terrible after that. Until now of course! I have attended the international series over the years and got to see my Rams play on a few occasions. In 2012 seeing the Rams score the 1st TD against New England was an amazing feeling… I should have left at that point, we lost 45-7! More recently I ran the Twitter account UKRamsNation and now have merged with these great guys to take LARams_UK to the next level.


I’m Rob from Scotland and I’ve been a Rams fan for 30 + years. I just missed the Eric Dickerson days when I started getting into the Rams, but I was a BIG Jim Everett fan. (Don’t call him Chris by the way! lol) For you younger guys there’s some great footage on youtube of Everett to Ellard, his main wide receiver. I started following the Rams as they were an exciting team to watch back in the late ’80s, but they always seemed to be the underdog in the playoffs. Everybody loves to root for the underdog.