Aug 22, 2020; Inglewood California, USA; Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2020 Season Predictions

For a long time, it just didn’t seem like we would get here, but we have. It’s Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season and Rams football is back. The Rams might be starting with a tough test against the Dallas Cowboys, but here at LA Rams UK, we are looking further afield as well, so below you will find our Win/Loss record predictions for the Rams in 2020. You’ll also get a brief explanation from the guys to show some method in the madness. We tried this last year with… limited success, so here’s hoping for some better efforts this time round!


“We have some tough games in the opening half of the season, but I think we will do okay. An opening day win against the Cowboys will be a false dawn as we struggle with back to back games on the east coast against the Eagles and the Bills before completing our NFC East schedule by heaping some pain on both the Giants and the “Football Team”.  As we head towards the break in Week 9 we will more than likely lose to our Northern California opponents before rounding out the half-season with wins against the Bears and the Dolphins.

We will hopefully keep that momentum as we start the second half of the season with wins against Seattle and the Bucs, both will be tough games but I’m hoping we have the momentum with us to help us push through and get the W’s.

The rest of the season will be lacking in consistency as we alternate between Wins and Losses, the double loss to the Whiners will be hard to swallow as will the TNF loss to New England. Wins against the Cardinals and the ever hapless Jets will go some way to deadening the pain of the penultimate game loss in Seattle (why do we always play in Seattle in December?).

10-6 with a chance of a Wild Card spot.”


“I’ll just go over the losses, so with the Eagles game, I always feel that this matchup puts more pressure on Goff than it should because of the Wentz/Goff draft debate. We may get outscored in this one. With the 49ers I think they will win the division again this year and they will be in full swing by the time we play them. That 49ers loss will put some real pressure on the staff and the Bears might just catch us off guard so steal a win. I have us losing to the 49ers for a second time in the season in a high scoring game, but they will just be too powerful. Everyone has written the Patriots off, but it doesn’t matter who is on the field, they will be in the mix at this time of the year and they will be pushing for playoff football, handing us another loss. Week 16 at the Seahawks could be a game of the season contender. I have us losing this one, but claiming a Wild Card spot over the Seahawks despite this.”


“You can’t lose the opening game in your new stadium, that’s a rule I’ve just made up, but the Rams will honour it. A couple of tough losses on the east coast follow. The Eagles just seem to have our number and the Bills are an improving, physical team. Thankfully the schedule eases up a little, with a loss to the Super Bowl losers in between 4 wins to give the Rams a 5-3 record at the Bye Week.

A big division win off the break is followed by a loss to the hype team of the off-season in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A 4 game win streak then puts the Rams in pole position to grab at least a Wild Card spot, including a revenge win against the 49ers and another McVay win over the Cardinals. Another December trip to the Pacific North West gives the Rams their 5th loss on the year, before they round off the year with yet another win against Arizona as McVay continues his undefeated record against them.”


“I am an optimist at heart, to my own detriment over the years, and specifically with the Rams. Although we have seen some big names leave us, both on the offense and with a big shift in coaches, with Wade and Bones gone, I still see a winning record. I think our losses will come from divisional rivals, but that said I have gone with a lofty 13-3 season!

Being on the east coast early in the schedule at the Eagles and Bills back to back and then Washington should help with any potential cold weather issues, so I have wins across the board there. I think our defense will be very strong this year, which will enable us to grind out some close matches. Fingers crossed the lack of linebacker depth and experience doesn’t let us down. I said 13-3 last year and was way off with it finishing 9-7, so let’s try this again this year.”


“I have us down as going 9-7 again this season and the truth be told that might be optimistic. I feel the team lost more than it gained this off season and although some of the rookies and younger players do look very promising, it could another season over before we see their potential. Still, to end on a positive note, I think there is still real quality around the team and certainly enough to compete fiercely in every game and potentially have a winning season.”

Tom has decided to keep his secrets close to his chest so nothing from him, but there you have all of the teams’ predictions for the season. Some optimistic and some not so optimistic, but we shall see how these pan out over the season!

As always, let us know your thoughts on how the season will go. Hopefully, it is a successful one and we find the Rams playing postseason football again!