2018 Free Trade Views

Los Angeles Rams UK correspondent Robert Docherty has submitted the latest in his series of offseason articles looking at the personnel at our Los Angeles Rams.

Hi Ramily!

Thanks to everyone who read the first three parts of my off-season articles and for the kind feedback.

Well Folks as promised, here is the first part of the second article, this time I’m going to focus on our Free Agency comings and goings and the next part will be about our draft Draft. First up…

Free Agency (Guys coming in)

For me, Free Agency seemed to get off to a slow start for us and the whole thing may have been a little over shadowed by our big trade beforehand. Once we got started though I feel the front office and co did a very sound job….. Here’s a look at the guys who came in……….

First up was Ramik Wilson’ Middle Linebacker who we signed to a one year contract (the terms of Wilson’s deal have not been disclosed) to add some depth to our Linebacker core. The former fourth round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs played his best year in a Chiefs uniform in 2016 starting in 11 games and racking up 76 tackles, a forced fumble and one interception. There was a bit of a drop of in production since that season and the Chiefs did not tender him a contract this off season. The Rams will be hoping he can return to the form of 2016 and see him compete for a place in the middle of our defence.

Interesting fact about Wilson is that he played at Georgia alongside Todd Gurley so hopefully, a familiar face can help this guy find his form.

My two cents on this signing is that even if Wilson adds depth at middle linebacker it’s a sound move. With how our linebackers stand at the moment it wouldn’t be a big shock if he found himself starting at any point this season. It’s a one year deal so hopefully, he can prove it.

Next up was

Sam Shields (Cornerback)

The former Green Bay Cornerback has not played for the last two seasons due to concussions. His last being in the opening game of the 2016 season, which was his fourth of his career.

Shields signed a one year deal with the Rams and we hope he can return to the form he showed early in his career with the Packers. This saw him rack up 18 interceptions from 2010-2015, but more so like me, I’m sure you wish he stays healthy and concussion free.

My two cents is I wish this guy the absolute best. Shields is a former Pro Bowler and could go a long way to making this Rams secondary very special, and at 30 years old he could play a few seasons yet. The Front office have played this one safe financially but if Shields returns to anything like his old form this could be a real steal

Next to come in was KONG!!! Ndamukong Suh (Defensive tackle) Actually

Probably our biggest splash in free agency. Suh signed a one year 14 million dollar contract and pairing Suh with Aaron Donald on our defensive line can only mean good things (stop)….. Did I say good things…. I mean “great” things!!! In short, this could be one of the best defensive tackle pairings in many years. If these guys click that could be an understatement.

Suh will probably play nose tackle in our 3-4 base defence, which is good news for our run defence (I know – let’s not go there lol) But in the past Suh has been very good at stopping the run and should really help stiffen up that defence against the run. This means Donald will remain the 3 technique (to the left of Suh) and Brockers will be the 5 technique (to the right of Suh) although I’m sure Wade Phillips will move them around in situations.

Suh is another player with personality but in Wade Phillips we trust and I’m sure he will get the best out of what is an elite player.

Small fact on Suh is that no defensive lineman has played more snaps than Suh over the last eight seasons.

My two cents is Yes this is another win now move from the front office and what a move to bring one of the best free agents to hit the market this year. Suh is a great addition to any team and yes 14 million is a lot of money for one season, but Suh has proven he is a durable elite talent. …..Big thumbs up J

Free Agents (Guys leaving)

One of the most notable departures from the team was Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins. Watkins only played one season with the Rams and cost us a second round draft pick( but that’s business sometimes) Watkins signed a 3 year contract with the Chiefs for 48 million (30 million guaranteed)

Another notable departure was Cornerback Trumaine Johnson. After playing under the franchise tag the last two seasons he leaves to join the Jets and signs a 5 year contract for 72 million (34 million guaranteed)

Other guys to leave in free agency were Tight End Derek Carrier (Signed with the Raiders 3 year deal). Safety Cody Davis (Signed with the Jaguars 2 year deal)

Like me, I’m sure you wish these guys the best of luck in their new endeavours

Well folks just my two cents on Free Agency hope you enjoyed. Look out shortly for my take on the Draft coming soon …Rob Doc